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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iPad 2 official Asian release forthcoming. Surprise Manila launch this Friday

The Asian launch of the iPad 2 is scheduled this April 29th in major Asian countries.
The good news for the Philippines is that we will now be a part of this official launch.
When the original iPad was released last year, we had to wait around 7 months (!) after the Asian release before Manila stores had official access to sell it. This time, I've learned from very reliable sources that we will be joining the ranks of Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore in the official iPad 2 launch by this weekend.
Although folks here have been able to get their hands on the unit already by unofficial means, such as airfreight from other Apple stores, or paying crazy prices on the gray market (*cough* Greenhills *cough*), it is a pleasant surprise that in a few days, those interested in an iPad 2 can buy it from legitimate and accessible channels at decent prices.

Speaking of prices, I hear that the iPad 2 will be selling for around these approximate ranges* at the official stores.
16GB: 24k WiFi  30k 3G
32GB: 28k WiFi  34k 3G
64GB: 34k WiFi 40k 3G
*remember these are all estimates, wait until Friday to see the real prices, depending on which store you end up in.

This is still officially a "rumor", but I can say that folks who want an iPad 2 in Manila might want to hang around PowerMac Center, iStudio or Digital Hub this Friday, and they will not be disappointed...


  1. It's good that they release the gadget much earlier.