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Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Fix iPhone 4 battery drain after updating to iOS 4.3

Need to Optimize your iPhone's battery life?

That's a question iPhone 4 users didn't usually need to ask anymore, since the latest iteration of the iPhone made great improvements over the previous generations in terms of Power optimization and battery life.


The recent release of iOS 4.3 brought great new features to the iPhone, and with it apparently some issues. Slowly user complaints have been surfacing that it also had an unfortunate side effect.... Faster drain of the battery.

I have been very happy with my iPhone 4 for months, and battery life has been one of its strong suits. However, like some other users, I did notice that after upgrading to iOS 4.3 the iPhone seemed to need charging more often. Whereas before i could easily get away with plugging it in after  2-3 days, now I had to charge practically daily (which is back to the old battery performance of the iPhone 3GS).
Granted I use it a bit more to broadcast the WiFi hotspot for my iPad to use, but perhaps not often enough to warrant that drain. Worst of all, the weaker battery life occurs even during days that I DON'T use the new WiFi hotspot feature!
A quick search in Google will net quite a few people who are also experiencing this, which leads me to believe it was an adverse effect from the iOS 4.3 upgrade.

After doing a lot of search and reading anecdotes from the people who had this issue, I was also able to gather a few tips on how to solve the problem. I performed all these steps, and in fact it did give me back some good battery performance in my iPhone 4*

(Steps can be performed in any order, and you can pick and choose which you want to try)
- Let your iPhone battery drain normally without charging it. Afterwards, plug it in and charge until full battery. Turn off the iPhone for a few minutes then put it on again.
- Go to Settings>General>Restrictions. Turn restrictions on. Disable "PING".
- Go to Settings>Mail, contacts, calendars. Delete all of your Mail accounts (including MobileMe). Turn of the phone, then power it back on after a few minutes. Re-enter all of your Mail accounts.
- Go to Settings>General>Reset. Reset your network settings. Power off the phone and turn it back on after a few minutes. Re-enter your network settings.
- Make sure your apps are all up to date, meaning there is no number displayed on your App store icon. Then go to Settings>Store. Sign out from your account (meaning the App Store). Turn of the phone, then power it back on after a few minutes. Sign back onto the App store.

Take note these suggestions are not official Apple fixes, the best fix is probably a future firmware update from them. However, these steps are also quite harmless, so there's nothing to lose in trying them. Maybe one or a combination of a few will get you back your cherished battery life. It did for me, and for many others. For those who aren't experiencing the drain, or don't use their iPhone enough to mind the charging frequency, these are still some solid tips that may optimize your battery life.

* Of course using the broadcast WiFi hotspot feature will drain your battery faster no matter how much you optimize. But in return you get a very cool feature, use it as you wish. the above steps will only solve those "unexplainable" battery drains.

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