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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year: What's your Zodiac and Chinese horoscope for 2011?

Welcome to the new year!
Hope 2011 is good for everyone...

So based on the Chinese Calendar, 2011 will supposedly be Year of the Rabbit, a harbinger of peace,slow-pacing, and reconciliation. Quite the opposite from 2010's Year of the Tiger which was supposed to be (and actually was for many people) a tumultuous year of change and chaos.

Why not have a peek at what your horoscope predicts for 2011? Just for kicks...

Here is a link for the 2011 predictions based on the Western Zodiac:
Interesting read, I'm amused at how they go indepth and break down your horoscope by each month of 2011....

And here is a link to your Chinese horoscope. Just choose your animal sign from the drop down bar after the link:


If you don't know your Chinese animal sign, it depends on what year you were born. (note: January birth is counted to the previous year)
Here is a quick guide:

*"Sheep" is also sometimes referred to as "Goat" or "Ram" in other Chinese horoscopes, but they're the same.

Remember, these horoscopes are just a fun way to kill time, in the end we are the  master of our destiny!
Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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