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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playstation Move: Motion control has arrived to the PS3

Sony has just launched their newest accessory for the Playstation 3: The Move motion controller.
Available right now in stores priced at US$100 for the starter bundle (pictured above) or US$50 for the Move wand alone. I got the starter bundle, since it is the most logical approach to test the new controller.

It comes with the Move wand, the Eye (camera), a free "Start the Party" game, a demo disc, and the usual instruction manuals.

There are also a few games released so you can start using the motion controller, most notable of them being the "Sony Sports Champions", which I guess is supposed to be the counterpart of the Wii Sports game.
Other games available taking advantage of motion controls on the Playstation move are: Start the Party, EchoChrome 2, Eyepet, KungFu Rider, Tumble, Beat Sketcher, Aragorn's Quest, and Time Crisis.
Notice something? That's a lot of family/casual games huh? I guess in the start, Sony is trying to position the Move into the casual segment, to steal some of Nintendo Wii's market. I'm looking forward to the time when motion control is applied to the real hardcore games.
There are also some existing PS3 games that will have Move compatibility via update patches: Resident Evil 5, Heavy Rain, BioHazard, and Tiger woods.

For now, I got "Sports Champions" and "Aragorn's quest" to try out the motion controls, while "Start the party" already came free with the bundle. The starter pack disc also contained a lot of demo's for the games i mentioned above, so that's another nice way to test the waters.
I'll get right into the action, and post my reactions/review soon.


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