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Friday, September 24, 2010

iPad gets VLC media player

Just released on the App store: VLC media player for the iPad.
For those who love watching videos on their PC or Mac, VLC Media player should be a familiar name, it is touted as the most versatile player on the market, it can support practically all media formats (even those HD or Matroska types), with support for subtitles and different audio channels, plus its FREE!

This news is even better for iPad users, who have had to check file compatibility for their synced videos, or even had to use codec converters. Now with VLC available, practically all video files on their computer is already good to go on the iPad, even those popular DivX downloaded movies, that are so elusive on Apple's devices.

The VLC media player app is still under beta stage, but so far after 2 days of trial it is very stable, with just some minor quirks when you play big HD files. Definitely a HUGE welcome addition to the App Store, and it makes the iPad even more attractive than it already was.