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Friday, September 3, 2010

Apple launches the new iPod line-up

Apple yesterday unveiled the refreshment of their popular iPod line.

First up is the new iPod touch. As many people have expected, it was brought up to specs with the iPhone 4.
It features the same Retina Display with 324 ppi crispness that is found on the iPhone 4. The new iPod touch is also powered by the Apple A4 chip, a 3-axis gyroscope, a rear-facing HD video camera, and a front-facing camera for Facetime. All of that with an impressive claim of 40 hours of music playback battery life.
The iPod touch in stores now will come installed with iOS 4.1 and will cost $229 for the 8 GB model, $299 for 32 GB, and $399 for 64 GB.
The way I see it, this new iPod touch is a great alternative for people who want the iPhone 4, but already have too many phones, or are already happy with their existing phone/s. Definitely a tempting deal.

Next up are the new iPod nano and iPod shuffle.
The Nano moves further away from the classic iPod look by removing the click wheel heading towards a multi-touch interface. Because of that major change, the new nano is 46% smaller and 42%lighter than its predecessor.
The nano's new touch interface will be familiar to those already using touch-based iOS devices, including automatic screen orientation. The nano will come in graphite, pink, blue, silver, green, gold, and a Product Red version will also be offered. It will cost $149 for 8 GB and $179 for 16 GB.

I think it's a good move to focus on "more is less" with the Nano, because it is now solely aimed at those who want Ipod music on the go, without the frills. If people want the full feature set, they will choose the iPod touch anyway.

The new iPod shuffle on the other hand will now have buttons, in fact if the Nano is just a small block of screen, the Shuffle is a small block of buttons (the usual iPod track wheel style button layout). It still has the  VoiceOver feature that debuted in the last Shuffle model, that will speak out the name of the song playing, or if you prefer: the battery life, playlist name or artist in 1 of 25 built-in languages. Speaking of playlists, the iPod shuffle will now support syncing of playlists from your iTunes, to make things a bit less random and move towards more organization and less "shuffling". It claims to have 15 hours of battery life and will come in 5 colors: silver, pink, gold, blue, and green. The 2 GB Shuffle will cost $49.


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