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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sony announces NEX-VG10: HD camcorder with interchangeable lens

Another innovation from Sony. The NEX-VG10 is a high definition camcorder that shoots at 1080P 24mbps, with the Exmor APS HD CMOS. At that bit-rate of 24mbps, it can easily produce the same quality of video found in Blu-rays.
What makes it unique though, is the fact that this consumer-grade camera can replace lens with E-mount and A-mounts. I never got into the whole DSLR craze, but from what I know, having the option for interchangeable lens is a great thing. It already comes packed with an 18-200mm lens (11x optical zoom) which I hear is already a top value lens in itself, but the user also has the option to replace it with most of the wide variety of camera lens already available. The camcorder will also have optical steady shot image stabilization, BIONZ processor, a 3" display, and SDHC/SDXC storage capability. For the microphone, it uses a Quad capsule spatial array stereo mic, the sound quality is great from what I heard in their demo.
As for still images, the Sony NEX-VG10 can capture in 14MP.

The HD camcorder is coming this September for a very competitive "Prosumer" price range of US$2,000-$2,500. Great deal, and definitely something to watch out for if you're a Film-making enthusiast. It might even give those popular Canons a run for their money.

Watch it in action from Sony's own promotional video here:

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