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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rumor: New iPod touch coming September

According to the rumor mills, Apple is refreshing their iPod Touch this September.
As reported by electricpig.co.uk, they received information from a UK-based Apple retailer that the newest iPod touch, which is due for an upgrade this September, will be sporting a 5MP camera with FaceTime capabilities. This will put the device on par with the newest iPhone 4 released last month.
The camera is also reported to have HD video recording capabilities and a Flash (again similar to the iPhone 4).
FaceTime allows the user to make video calls with another iPhone (or in this case iPod) user just with a WiFi connection.
In addition to the camera improvements, the new iPOd is also said to have a gyroscope installed inside. The same type of gyroscope installed on the iPhone 4, which allows better orientation sensitivity for use in games and applications.

Although these are just speculations and gossip at this point, it's not unreasonable to believe that Apple will indeed add these new features to their upcoming iPod Touch. If history is our basis, Apple usually keeps their iPods up to date with the technology of their iPhones, minus the Phone features of course. The gyroscope in particular makes a lot of sense, because any of the App store games designed with gyro control will be unplayable on the iPod touch, which will then hamper the "portable gaming" push that the company has for it's products.

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