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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review: Uncle Cheffy @ Eastwood

The Place
Uncle Cheffy Restaurant at Eastwood Mall

The Food
Uncle Chefy's labels itself as "Global Cuisine" because its menu has good diversity with Western food (steaks, Burgers, ribs, etc.), Italian Food (Pizza/Pasta) and Asian Food (Japanese, Malay, Filipino influences). 
Most of their servings are designed with groups in mind, meaning you won't be able to enjoy your dining experience alone, versus eating there with company. To be able to appreciate their specialties, it is recommended to go with 2 or more people.
I was able to eat there more than a few occasions, and my group (including myself) was always highly satisfied with the Food. 
Lets start with their specialties. As they advertise on the outside of their restaurant, they offer brick-oven food: namely their pizza's. Their pizza's are baked in a rectangle thin-crust which you are meant to eat in a "pita-wrap" method with vegetables, similar to the Dear Darla Pizza of Yellow cab. The variety in their toppings make it much more interesting though. In particular I find the "East meets West" pizza to be my favorite, topped with such unique flavors as salami, kesong puti, salted eggs, tomatoes, mango and 3 cheese, topped with Parma Ham . Another good choice to have is the "Larry's Craving" Pizza, which basically comes loaded with Smoked salmon, escargot, shiitake mushroom, chili flakes, onion and 3 cheese. A fantastic treat for pizza lovers, and probably a must-order for first time diners to Uncle Chefy's.

Aside from Pizza's another big draw is their "Uncle Cheffy Steak", a delectable slab of US Beef rib-eye cooked in a simple way that preserve it's natural taste. It's a bit pricey at PhP1,950 (US $45) but it's big enough to accommodate 3-4 people. It comes with marble potatoes and some greens. This dish, along with the Pizza, are two of the restaurant's best-selling specialties, which is why I recommended to go there with companions (unless you're REALLY hungry). It is well worth it.

Other notable inclusions on their menu are: Chili garlic Prawns, Memphis barbecue rib fingers, Lamb breast provencale, and Thai Style Pla-Pla. The average cost of the dishes range from PhP300-PhP500, which is roughly what you will be spending per head as a group, or probably more if you want to sample more of their specialties.

The Extras
Uncle Cheffy's has a very nice ambiance located in the outdoor dining section on the 2nd floor of the new Eastwood mall, alongside many other nice restaurants. It is set-up for group dining with hardly any 2-seater tables on the outer part. The inner part has a more flexible set-up,a nd can be closed off for private dining/functions if you are a bigger group or arrange it with them. Since this is on the 2nd floor of the new Eastwood mall, there are also tables set-up on the outer balcony, if you want to enjoy an outdoor dining experience (or if you want to smoke).
The service is fantastic and well worth noting. The staff is very attentive and accommodating, and that is during all the times I have eaten here. The first time I visited Uncle Cheffy's, one of my companions was looking for a mixed Vanilla Milkshake on the drinks menu, it wasn't there. However, the waiter asked one of the nearby managers about it (without any of us prompting him), and the manager immediately told us they will make it just for us. Which they did. I don't even remember anymore how much they charged us for that special request, but the fact that they did it (again, without us asking) is testament to good service and that's what stuck in my mind.

Why go there?
If you like good food, in a wide variety of flavors. If you like good pizza, or good beef rib-eye. If you like a good Eastwood ambiance, and you are in a group.
I strongly recommend this place.

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  1. Delicious meals are served around restos in that area.