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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pandigital Personal Photo scanner

For most people who have had to scan a large amount of pictures or documents, you can probably relate to the tediousness involved with hooking up the scanner to the old PC, piling up all of the pics/docs beside it, scanning it and then converting it and sorting it through the bundled software.

Pandigital has a solution for that, with their latest offering of a Personal Photo scanner.  It's a small portable device, that does NOT need connection to a PC (although you still can via microUSB, if you wanted to). It scans your documents and photos into 600dpi resolution and saves it onto your attached memory SD card. No other software required. Once saved onto your memory card, you can then directly store it onto your mobile devices or digital picture frame (or even your PC).

The personal scanners come in 2 variants:
The standard document scanner, which supports 8.5"x11"; and a smaller perfect for pictures, supporting the standard photo size of 5"x7".

You can get them now for prices ranging between US$99 to US$150, either directly from Pandigital's website, or from other other electronics retailers like Amazon, Fry's, or Radio Shack. I saw one on Amazon for only US$89.

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