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Monday, July 12, 2010

Joos Orange: Solar powered charger

Tired of charging your gadgets with boring old electricity?
We can already power our devices with water energy, but now our friend the Sun also wants to join the fun.

SolarJoos, a division of Solar Components LLC, is introducing their new product: The Joos Orange charger.
It is a USB charger that runs on Solar energy.
Basically, one needs to expose the Joos Orange to enough sunlight to cycle energy within the charger.
On the right side is their table of sun exposure converted to charge power for a 3G cellphone. Quite impressive capabilities, 1 hour of exposure will net  120 minutes talk time for  most smartphones. Compared to the older available solar chargers (huh? there were others?), that's a staggering leap in power efficiency.

Best of all, the Joos Orange charger is a rugged kit. Since it is meant to be used outdoors for absorbing those rays, it has all the necessary survival capabilities. It's water-proofed, dust and dirt resistant, and shock-resistant. Just bring it with you to the great outdoors, leave it outside the house, or even strap it onto the top of your car, and let it do it's work. Afterwards, plug the charger into your desired device via USB, and Voila!
The light of the sun will grant it power (just like a Son of Krypton, but don't expect your mobile phone to fly).

The Joos Orange will be available soon this 2010 , but in the meantime, you can leave your email address on their website to be informed when it's released. The price of the charger is US$99.95.

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