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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

iPhone game makes $4 Million

Maybe the next gold mine can be found in the Apple App store?

The App store has long been a center of cashflow for software programmers and game developers, it is the #1 Smartphone app store in the world, after all. But who would think that these light-sized, cheap Apps can actually hit such big bonanzas?
One of the most popular games to grace the iPhone/iPod/iPad is "Angry Birds".  A short casual game that could be finished in a few spurs of boredom. The gameplay is quite simple too, just flick the slingshot to launch the angry birds into the evil green pigs, nothing really comparable to the more technically robust PSP or DS games.
Nevertheless, this little gem has managed to reach 4 million paid downloads. Priced at around a dollar, that comes out to US$4 million right there, not bad for a 14mb-sized casual game. Just as amazing (though not as lucrative) is the fact that "Angry Birds" free edition also scored high with 6 million downloads. That's 10 million people reached, just by showing up on Apple's devices.
Rovio, the game developer, says "Even though we planned carefully in terms of how to have a hit game, we're amazed how sticky Angry Birds is in terms of chart position". 

Angry Birds might not even be the most successful App store game, it's just one of many to reach the #1 spot during the long history of the iPhone.
What do you think, Is it time to download the Apple Dev kit and learn how to program some mini-games?

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