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Monday, July 12, 2010

iPhone 4 already Jailbroken

Ever since the first iPhone was released, the Hacker community have been trying to crack open it's innards and seize control of the operating system. Have they been successful? This is almost as sure as death and taxes.

Everytime a new iPhone comes out, a new Jailbreak (which is iPhone lingo for "Hack") is released to allow users to install unauthorized applications. For some, this is a God send, because they might find the restrictions of Apple to be too harsh, limiting the uses of their iPhone by disallowing perfectly good features and applications. But for others, this is just an annoyance, because they trust that Apple left out those applications for a good reason.
Whichever side of the camp is right or wrong, the news of a Jailbreak is always met with anticipation.

Just recently, renowned iPhone hacker "Geohot" announced that he has already jailbreaked the iPhone 4. Here to the left is a picture of the iPhone 4 running Cydia, an unauthorized application repository. This proves that indeed it was successfully hacked. Still no word when this jailbreak will be released, but there have been other news that a jailbreak (not necessarily from Geohot) will be released soon, probably after Apple updates their iOS4 firmware to 4.01.
But then again, with a great list of features already available in the iOS4, maybe this time around people aren't as eager for a jailbreak.

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