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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Samsung coming out with Android tablet

left: Samsung Galaxy phone; right: Samsung Galaxy tab (boy that sure looks like an iPad huh)

Samsung is coming out with its own iPad competitor, a tablet that runs on Googles Android operating system.

According to Engadget news, the device will be called the Galaxy Tab, named similarly to the Samsung Galaxy phone, also sporting the Android OS.
With Apples iPad already selling 2 million units worldwide (wow!), it look like more and more players from the electronics industry are trying to get a piece of the action. There have been a lot of "upcoming iPad killers" announced recently (and interestingly they mostly run on Android OS too), but none of them have firm release dates in the near future. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, if that will even be its final name, also lacks any release information. However, knowing Samsung, they will want to get it out to the market fast and early.
The tablet wars are just beginning.

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