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Monday, June 7, 2010

Review: Pinoydon - Japanese/Filipino food fusion @ The Podium

The Place
Pinoydon at The Podium.

The Food
Pinoydon has a unique menu, in the sense that it combines popular Japanese recipes with classic Filipino meals. In particular it takes the "Donburi" (rice bowl) style of Japan but instead of the usual "Gyudons" (beef bowls), they have Longgidon (longsilog), Tocidon (tocilog), and Cornydon (corned beef and egg). The restaurant also mixes traditional Japanese dishes, like Maki, Gyoza and Sashimi, with Filipino flavors. You can order such items on the menu as Tinapa Maki, Aligue Maki, Adobo sashimi, Sisig Teppanyaki, Longganisa Gyoza, etc.
The quality of the food was good, we ordered a sampling from each section of the  menu. The Cornydon was very appetizing (how can I not order corned beef and egg gyudon?), the sashimis and gyoza were equally as delectable. The desserts didn't look as creative or appetizing.
 I found the fusion of flavors to be on the minimalist side, having a good sampling from each culture, without going over the top. This makes it safe for most, but for others, they might find some of the dishes too bland and look for more radical fusions (maybe try the Aligue maki, which we were unable to).
Prices are very reasonable. You can have a decent meal and spend only PhP250-350 per head, with an appetizer, main course, and drinks. 

The Extras
Although it's a restaurant, it seems more like an upper class fast food joint, because the prices are relatively cheap and it's located in an open part of the mall. The area is clean and tasteful, and the Podium mall in general has a good ambiance. The Service was adequate and the staff was friendly and attentive.

Why go there?
If you're interested in discovering what is the taste of Japanese and Filipino food combined (that's what drew us in to try it). The prices are competitive enough to make this a low risk trial, and therefore an easy place to recommend.

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