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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Presenting: Google TV

The famous Internet company has been making waves recently by going out of their traditional Web Search role. It started some time ago by buying out and developing some of the most popular sites (like Youtube, Blogger, etc.), and then making revolutionary new Apps (like Google Earth, Chrome, Maps, Docs etc.).
Later on they encroached on Apple's kingdom by launching the Android OS, to rival the iPhone's dominance. Now it seems Google is once again charting out into new territory....our Televisions.

Google TV is an operating system designed specifically for Televisions, but is similar to the Android OS already existing in smartphones. It can come built-in to the TV (depending on Google's partners, like Sony who has already signed up), or it can come in a separate box that needs to be attached to our existing TV (like the ones cable providers use).
What it does, is basically transform the normal Television set into a "SMART TV". Similar to a computer, it can connect to the web, have programmable functions, perform searches, organize your media, etc.
I think Google does a better job explaining it in their short and sweet video below. No announcement yet on availability or price, but the estimated release date is during the 2nd half of 2010.

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