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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playstation Plus is now available for download

Rejoice! PS3 users (or Lament!), the recently unveiled Playstation Plus is now available for download from the Playstation Network.
For those of you who haven't been keeping up with E3 events, the Playstation Plus is a new subscription based service added onto the existing Playstation network. Everything users have enjoyed before for free, will remain to be free. But if they subscribe to PS+, they have access to free PSN games monthly, free Qore episodes, advanced download of demos or trailers, discounts on PSN store downloads, and the capability to set their PS3 for automatic updating or downloading of content.
Not bad, but like I said, it's subscription based = Not Free. The service costs $50 per year or US$18 per quarter, which explains the "Lament!" crack I made earlier.
You can have access to PS+ by updating your PS3 to version 3.40, available right now. Aside from the PS+, the update also includes the following new features:
- You can now edit and upload video content
- You can share video stored on the PS3 to a video website (like YouTube)
- You can share photos stored on the PS3 to a photo sharing site (like Picasa)
Well, what're you waiting for, time to upgrade......at least the upgrade is free :-)

Don't have a PS3 yet? Well, this still might not persuade you to get one....but the many other things it can do might convince you :-) Remember, 3D TV is here, and every PS3 can play 3D media with just a downloadable update.

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