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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nintendo shows off 3DS

Looks like Nintendo is getting on the 3D bandwagon too.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unveils the 3DS at E3The Nintendo DS has always been one of the more popular gaming consoles. It began as a modest low-spec handheld game machine, and has burst into a plethora of models. Latest in it's line-up is the newly announced Nintendo "3DS". Yes, another electronics giant catching some of that 3D market.
It's hard to imagine 3D images on a portable gaming device, especially when Nintendo is boasting that it doesn't even need special 3D glasses. But the feedback so far from some of the press users have been positive. The top screen of the 3DS is the one that generates 3D images, while the bottom screen remains standard. It will also have an accelerometer and gyroscope, like the upcoming iPhone 4.

The sales of the Nintendo DS outmatches all other gaming consoles, save for the king of the gaming hill: The Playstation 2. But now with the latest,  and some say greatest, iteration of the DS...Will it be the one to beat the PS2? Nintendo is slated to announce the release date and price, and it will probably be sooner than later, since they have already been showing off the final build of the 3DS during the recent E3 event.

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