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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iPhone Specs: 3G vs 3GS vs 4

To Upgrade or Not to upgrade?

Now that the latest member of the iPhone family has been unveiled, let's take a look if it's worth it to upgrade

Here are the major technical specifications of each device, compared side by side on this handy table:

SpecsiPhone 3GiPhone 3GSiPhone 4
Processor412MHz600MHzApple A4 1Ghz
RAM128mb256mb512mb (?)
Screen Resolution480*320480*320960*640
Camera2.0 Megapixel no flash3.15 Megapixel no flash5 megapixel with LED flash
Video recordingnone30fps VGA recording720p HD video at 30fps
Battery life est.5 hours talk time, 6 hours wifi5 hours talk time, 9 hours wifi7 hours talk time, 10 hours wifi
Weight133 grams135 grams137 grams
Extras from previousCompass, SpeedGyroscope, HD video, SPEED, camera flash
Market Price in PHP18,000-22,00034,000-39,000est. 40,000-44,000
note: Pricing is based on current Manila price in Philippine Peso (US$1=46PhP) for unit without telecom plan.

note 2: Apple has not released the official spec of the iPhone 4's RAM. I only assumed that it will be 512MB as a logical upgrade. If it isn't, they'll get blown out of the water by all the new Android phones.

If you're coming from an iPhone 3G or 3GS, the iPhone 4 has some compelling reasons to upgrade. Even if you are already using the latest iPhone 3GS, there are considerable gains to be had. If you were frustrated with the 3GS camera (i know i was), then the increase to 5MP with a flash (finally...), plus the bonus of HD video recording is a welcome upgrade. 

Coming from the 3G model , the leap in speed, display, and battery life upgrades is huge. Definitely worth it to upgrade, same case if you still have an iPhone 2G (really? there still are iPhone 2G's? )

Coming from the latest flagship Android phones, such as the Google Nexus one, HTC EVO, HTC Incredible, HTC Desire, or even Sony Xperia 10.....well, it's good to see that Apple is finally catching up.   smile rvmp
With this latest iteration of the iPhone, accompanied by the iOS 4 software upgrade, Apples ubiquitous communicator is finally getting a decent camera with flash, multi-tasking, faster processor and RAM, and more home screen customization.
But Android already had all of that! Now with Android 2.2 out, Google's phone OS will also allow Wi-fi hotspot broadcasting, Flash 10.1 support, and an enormous speed boost. More BIG hurdles for the iPhone to catch up to.
So on paper, Android beats the latest iPhone, before it was even released. On practical use though, we will have to wait and see.
At least on the onset, even with the latest Android OS, the iPhone 4 will still have an edge on video calling, HD video recording, unified mail, and....it looks pretty! smile rvmp

For those in Manila wondering when we will get the iPhone 4, I just confirmed that unfortunately Philippines is not one of the countries to be included in the 2nd batch of releases in July. 
I spoke to my contacts in Globe, and they informed me that a late August or September release is more likely. However Singapore (Singtel, Globe's stockholder) and HongKong will be getting the iPhone 4 by July/August, and they usually have unlocked versions for sale, so that is one option for Manila buyers.

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