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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Infinitec: Infinite USB memory

The Bottomless bag of the electronic world.
Are you feeling restricted by your current USB stick? How about trying an infinite storage USB?

Infinitec is offering a solution via their Infinite USB memory (IUM). Of course, there is no such thing as infinity in the electronic world (..yet). So how does this gadget work? Basically, you plug it into any of your devices (Laptop, PC, TV, PS3, etc.) and it will be detected as USB storage. From there, the IUM will get it's content from any other of your devices that are connected to your wireless network. So it seems the catch for "infinite" storage is that the source of the content must remain on and have wireless access.
You can get a clearer picture of how it works from Infinitec's own 1 minute promotional video below.

The USB stick is scheduled to ship this August, with a very reasonable price of US$130.

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