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Sunday, June 20, 2010

FRF72 Android firmware downloadable for Nexus One

Ok, it seems there was another silent update for the Nexus one a few nights ago.

In my last guide, i showed you how to manually update your nexus one to android 2.2 (froyo). The initial build of froyo was at FRF50. The current release of FRF72 is less than 2mb, a seemingly minor update. Many have reported that it improved Flash capability, application loading, and browser speed.
After getting it, I really didn't notice anything different, so I'll just give it more time for observation. It's probably just a stability release, in my opinion. We wouldn't need to speculate, and it would have been more helpful if there were release notes, but alas once again, this is an unofficial release. If a Nexus one user wants to get this update, he/she will again have to follow the manual process I outlined in the last guide for FRF50, except download it now from this link http://android.clients.google.com/packages/passion/signed-passion-FRF72-from-FRF50.bc033f9e.zip, instead of the FRF50 link i provided before.
(Note: The update to FRF72 will not work, unless you already have FRF50, so you need to get that done first, but it is well worth it).

I'm starting to get tired of these unofficial manual updates....but hey, the spectacular improvements on the android platform are worth following.

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