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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Horizon's water-based mobile charger now on sale

A few years ago, we probably would have though that Hydrogen energy powering our gadgets would be something out of a sci-fi movie.
Apparently, it's a lot closer than we think...in fact it's available now!

Horizon has unveiled the MiniPak. A portable recharging station that you can connect to your mobile devices to juice up their batteries. The amazing part about this device, is not waht it does but how it does it...through the use of WATER.
Yep, good old H2O. You simply put water into the MiniPak's Filling station, insert the "hydrostik", and it will power up with as much charge as 1,000 AA batteries. Afterward, you return the hyrdostik into the Minipak, and connect it to your mobile devices.

You can get a much better sense of what this means, by watching the short video presentation from Horizon themselves:

Amazing. I love this product not only because i'm in the market for a portable re-charger, but also because it runs on a natural substance that will not damage our environment. Go Earth!

The Minipak is now available on Horizon's website for $100, but the filling station costs $499 : (
Well, let's wait and see if the prices drop to a more pocket friendly level.

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