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Saturday, June 26, 2010

DoubleTwist: Copy your iTunes library to Android phone, PSP

Many people love their iTunes libraries and playlists. Especially people who spent a lot of time building them up for their iPod and/or iPhone.
Unfortunately, Apple doesn't like to share. If you decide to move to a non-Apple mp3 player, then you can't connect it to iTunes, meaning you will have to start from scratch again rebuilding your playlists.

Enter DoubleTwist.
This newly developed (and still being developed) software will allow you to import your iTunes library, complete with the playlist hierarchy, onto many of todays popular handhelds. From your Android phone to your Sony PSP.
The principle of DoubleTwist is to mimic your iTunes library, without touching your precious files, and not even creating duplicates. Once the program mimics your library, it will then allow you to connect and sync it to a supported device. The sync takes place on DoubleTwists own interface, which looks to have been inspired by the iTunes layout to enhance familiarity.

I have been using it for a few months on my Android phone, the software is still in beta stage, so there are a few quirks and the speed of transfer is a bit laggy. But overall it gets the job done, and it's an infinitely better alternative than re-creating your playlists again (especially when you have over 20GB's of music!). DoubleTwist is free to download and use...for now.

You can check out DoubleTwist here.

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