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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone iOS4 is available now; Full list of new features

The iPhone 4 might not be out yet until a few days (for select countries), but the operating system that it will run on is out today!
iOS4, the vaunted new mobile OS of Apple that will drive the iPhone 4, is now downloadable in iTunes.
All you need to do is hook up your iPhone 3G or 3GS to iTunes, select "Update Now", and wait until the 390MB file finishes downloading and installing. The whole thing should take about 20 minutes on a good DSL connection.

I just got mine a few hours ago, and will make a write-up of iOS4 soon.
For now, here is the list of features to be found in iOS4. A BIG upgrade indeed from the previous one, unfortunately iPhone 3G owners will not get some of the major features, and the iPhone 2G is not compatible at all.

Full set of Features in iOS4:

  • Multitasking support for third-party apps* 
      – Multitasking user interface to quickly move between 
      – Support for audio apps to play in the background 
      – VoIP apps can receive and maintain calls in the 
         background or when device is asleep 
      – Apps can monitor location and take action while 
         running in the background 
      – Alerts and messages can be pushed to apps using 
         push and local notifications 
      – Apps can complete tasks in the background
  • Folders to better organize and access apps
  • Home screen Wallpaper*
  • Mail improvements 
      – Unified inbox to view emails from all accounts in one 
      – Fast inbox switching to quickly switch between 
         different email accounts 
      – Threaded messages to view multiple emails from the 
         same conversation 
      – Attachments can be opened with compatible third- 
         party apps 
      – Search results can now be filed or deleted 
      – Option to select size of photo attachments 
      – Messages in the Outbox can be edited or deleted
  • Support for iBooks and iBookstore (available from the App Store)
  • Photo and Camera improvements 
      – 5x digital zoom when taking a photo** 
      – Tap to focus during video recording** 
      – Ability to sync Faces from iPhoto 
      – Geo-tagged photos appear on a map in Photos
  • Ability to create and edit playlists on device
  • Calendar invitations can be sent and accepted wirelessly with supported CalDAV servers
  • Support for MobileMe calendar sharing
  • Suggestions and recent searches appear during a web search
  • Searchable SMS/MMS messages**
  • Spotlight search can be continued on web and Wikipedia
  • Enhanced location privacy 
      – New Location Services icon in the status bar 
      – Indication of which apps have requested your location 
         in the last 24 hours 
      – Location Services can be toggled on or off for 
         individual apps
  • Auto Spellcheck
  • Support for Bluetooth keyboards*
  • iPod out to navigate music, podcasts and audiobooks through an iPod interface with compatible cars
  • Support for iTunes gifting of apps
  • Wireless notes syncing with IMAP-based mail accounts
  • Persistent WiFi connection to receive push notifications*
  • New setting for turning on/off cellular data only**
  • Option to display the character count while composing new SMS/MMS**
  • Visual Voicemail messages can be kept locally even if they have been deleted from the server**
  • Control to lock portrait orientation*
  • Audio playback controls for iPod and third-party audio apps*
  • New languages, dictionaries and keyboards
  • Accessibility enhancements*
  • Bluetooth improvements
  • Better data protection using the device passcode as an encryption key* (Requires full restore.)
  • Support for third-party Mobile Device Management solutions
  • Enables wireless distribution of enterprise applications
  • Exchange Server 2010 compatibility
  • Support for multiple Exchange ActiveSync accounts
  • Support for Juniper Junos Pulse and Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN apps (available from the App Store)
  • More than 1,500 new developer APIs
  • Bug fixes

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