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Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello and Welcome to THE BORG COLLECTIVES.

My Name is Borg Peñaranda. This is my website.
I have been using blogger for 3 years now, publishing the odd blog now and again, just to serve as a personal journal/diary of what i have been doing in my life (or at least during the times i had a camera handy). Now i have decided to make a public "blog", aka website. Why?

I love Movies, Eating out, and Gadgets (cool stuff). Those are my hobbies. That is my lifestyle.
But most of all, I love having opinions. So i will usually want to learn more about something, try it, and then form conclusions about it. I spend a good deal of my time and resources on those
So i figured, why not share some of that information to others...and Voila! Here it is.

I will have "reviews" (opinion blogs) divided mostly into 3 topics: Movies, Food, and Cool stuff (Tech, gadgets, games, etc.). I will occasionally blog some Personal stuff as well. You don't have to read those, most likely i was just lazy to sort them into my personal blog, forgive me :) 

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