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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Using Picasa and Evernote

How to Manage your Photo albums on your PC and Online. 
How to Clip or copy images from your PC screen (Windows and Mac)
(Using Picasa and Evernote)

1. Picasa 3 - A photo album software, with good photo consolidation and editing. The impressive part? It has face recognition, which will tag ALL of the photos from your albums with the names of the persons in the picture. You can then create custom albums per person, which will capture all your photos that have that person in them! All that's needed is to do some initial identification and give hints to Picasa, and it will do the rest. It will also handle free uploading of your photo albums to your personal Picasa website...or as Google calls it "the Cloud". 
Best part? It's all free, brought to us by Google (nice one Google!)
You can get Picasa 3 here: http://picasa.google.com/
And i will be putting up a review/guide of it soon...and i will put a link here <<<<<<

2. Evernote - A note-taking software that allows you to compose notes with attachments, or as they like to call it "Put your thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and things to remember all in one place". Evernote will work with your PC/MAC, and all your mobile devices (iPhone, Android, even the iPad!) The impressive part? the note-taking feature on your desktop allows you to immediately clip an image from any screen on your PC, and then save that image in your note. It's much easier and more intuitive than using the old "printscreen to paint" method in windows. With Picasa, you can then upload that image to your web albums (see how they work well together). You can also clip files, scribble notes, and audio..works well on my Nexus one Android to Sony Vaio. All notes are synced between all your devices..again in "The Cloud". Best part? It's also Free :)
You can get Evernote here: http://www.evernote.com/
Not too sure if i will be making a review of Evernote, or make it part of my upcoming Android Apps review.

Are you curious about this "Cloud" i keep talking about? 
What  is "The Cloud"? In short, it's a new form of storage, wherein your data will be accessible remotely and from multiple devices. Goodbye to USB sticks and thumb-drives.

You can read more about Cloud Storage here  and decide if it's for you, and if it can help you in any way <>

1 comment:

  1. So please tell how you are using Picasa & Evernote together.
    Are you simply using the Evernote screen clipper.