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Saturday, May 29, 2010

SONY 3D TV Demo in Manila (with videos)

SONY's 3D TV looks to be a WINNER

Last night, I went to the Big Sony Sale event in Ortigas. You can read more about the event here.

There are alot of good deals there, but for me the highlight of the evening was the demo of Sony's 3D TV. I'm usually skeptical about 3D, dismissing it as a gimmick, like on the 3D blu-rays I've previously watched. The color would often be washed out, the lighting gets dimmer, and there is some dizzines wearing the traditional 3D glasses.
This time, i'm really excited with what i saw. 
This is REAL High definition 3D. The same quality of picture that you will see in your HD TV is exactly what you will see in 3D. No blurs, aliasing, or washed out colors. Plus the provided 3D glasses are comfortable and didn't make me feel dizzy.

Samsung has already released their 3D TV's in some electronic's stores (more about that here), but Sony's application looks better, plus they have the content to back it up, via Blu-ray and PS3 games. 

Below are some videos of the Sony 3D TV demo booth, and the technology in action. Of course, nothing beats looking through the provided Sony glasses ( i even tried to shoot the video through the glasses, hehe). According to the Sony Rep, these 3D TV's will be available in Manila by July, no word yet on pricing, but i'm betting it will be more expensive than the Samsung counterparts.

First vid shows the actual demo of an HD movie, second is a demo of a PS3 game (Motorstorm), along with a look at the Sony patented 3D glasses.

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