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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playstation 2: Best selling console of all time. Hits 150 million mark.

Congratulations PS2! The little gaming engine that could!

The news came out today that Sony's Playstation 2 is estimated to have reached a landmark 150 million units sold!
This makes the PS2 not only the best selling Console of Sony, but also the best selling Game console of ALL TIME. The PS2 had its auspicious beginnings back in 2000, capping off the victory of Sony's Playstation 1 over the Nintendo juggernaut, and marking the foray of Sony in to THE major player of console gaming.
The PS2 was relatively unopposed for the most of it's years, beating off the renewed attempts of Nintendo, Sega, and new player (at the time) Microsoft.

Today, 10 years later, and we have the "Next-gen Console wars" between Nintendo's Wii, Sony's PS3, and Microsoft's X360. But the interesting thing to note is that the PS2 has outsold all of these consoles combined. Wii is the highest volume pusher in this latest gen, with over 70 million units sold, thanks in part to it's casual appeal and low price point. The X360 and PS3 are staggering way behind (take note that the PS3 is the "youngest" of the group). But all of them still have a long way to go to match the mass appeal that pushed the PS2 to it's status of best selling game console of all time.
And guess what? it's still SELLING today! You can still see the slim Playstation 2 packages in store displays for about $100 (PhP 5,000), and people are still buying it, because Sony and game developers are still supporting it 10 years after it's launch. I don't have official stats, but i would say that it is also the Longest supported Console of all time. All of it's competitors at the time are already declared obsolete by now, with no more product marketing and support, nor any new game development.

Kudos to you PS2


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