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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Famous Sword replicas from fantasy movies and games...and where to buy them

If you enjoy fantasy movies or video games, and always fancied yourself to be the hero wielding the "Legendary sword"... you might be interested to know that there are several companies that actually make REPLICA's of some of those beauties.

"But Where can i buy them?"
Where can you buy them? Lets have a look at a few of them below.
Take note that most of these are NOT sharpened! Lest you get carried away and we see you getting beat down by the cops on CNN.

Arthas' Frostmourne (from World of Warcraft)
...So do you want to swing around the dark blade of the Lich king? Well, since he won't be dropping it anytime soon in the game, might as well just get it in real life... Stab it into the ground and raise your own undead army! (or get arrested)

* 47" Overall Length with 28" Stainless Steel Blade
* Genuine Leather Wrapped Grip
* Limited Edition Sword

You can buy it from here (on July 2010) 

Anduril of Aragorn (From Lord of the Rings)
The legendary sword of kings...reforged by the elves and ready for you to wield for slaying the evil hordes of Sauron (or the rats in your basement).
This Anduril sword measures 42 inches overall with a 32 inch 440 stainless steel blade. The blade is etched with elven writing. This sword is complete with a hardwood leather wrapped scabbard

You can get it here ..And i also saw them and other LOTR sword replicas in some Powerbooks across Manila.

Red Queen of Nero (from Devil May Cry)
One of the coolest swords in video game history. The flaming sword of Nero, with the unique motorcycle rev bar to bring the hurt.
This authentic replica sword used in the video game stretches a massive 42 inches overall and offers a 31 3/4-inch stainless steel blade (false-edged). The genuine leather wrapped grip is surrounded by solid metal handle parts

Snake Eyes Katana (from G.I. Joe)
This jet-black sword has a high carbon steel blade and is richly powder coated to give you invisibility in the night from. The sword's tsuba is beautifully pierced, displaying wings of an Eagle and a Star, both of which drive and empower the warrior heart that pounds within Snake Eyes. The highly stylized handle and tsuba are cast from solid aluminum and powder coated like the blade of the true stealth. Comes complete with a low, katana styled display stand featuring the Valor Star and the name of the powerful ninja

Sword of Omens (from The ThunderCats)
Are you kidding me? There is actually a deluxe quality replica of Lion-O's sword??? I myself was surprised when my brother joked me to search for this, and i actually found one! Well here it is..a real Metal sword of omens (that lights up!)
A pressure switch on the handle controls the swords power, lighting up both sides of the guard. Powered by two AA batteries, included, this sword is ready for action upon delivery.
Hand polished, 440 stainless steel double edged blade. Intricate cast metal designs throughout. The handle is lined with red and blue colored jewels.
46 in. overall, 34 in. blade, 8 in. handle.
The guard is 7 in. wide and 1 1/4 in. thick.

Buster sword and Masamune (from FF7)
The famous weapons of rivals Cloud and Sephiroth! Nice looking replicas....and they actually have SHARP edges! (good luck getting that through customs)

Buster Sword:                 
Overall Length: 51"

Blade Length: 36 1/2"

Blade Width: 7"

Sharp Edge

Guard: 8 1/2"

Full Tang Handle.

50" Blade, 4/8" Thick, Handmade High Carbon Steel

Same guard as in Advent Children

Huge 68" Overall Length!

Polished Blade

The Atlantean (from Conan)
Let me tell you of the days of high adventure! The legendary sword of the great wizard-slayer himself, Conan the Barbarian, the Conqueror and the King.

(Get his helmet too!)  Both available here

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