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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Faces of Borg

More info about me... 
Most of this info was ripped from my defunct Friendster account. Heh, i'm suprised friendster still exists, i thought Facebook totally obliterated them by now. (oh yeah, i may be the only person on earth without a facebook account, as of now).

Update 05/24/10: It seems now that i do have a facebook account here...*sigh*... guess it's unavoidable.

What do i do now? My lifestyle revolves around Movies, Eating out, playing with gadgets (cool stuff). Surfing the net is a given. I used to read a lot of books, but not anymore (lazy). As for my professional life, I am Senior Program Manager for DB Schenker.

Favorite Movies? Wow, a lot. As i mentioned before, i love movies. But my favorites right off the top of my head are: Accidental Hero, The Mission, English Patient, Fight Club, Cinema Paradiso, LotR Trilogy, Chariots of Fire, Eternal Sunshine.., Midnight Cowboy , Mr. Destiny, Fisher King, Hudsucker Proxy, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Ben Hur, The Princess Bride, Aguirre, Catch22, SCI-FI flicks, and whatever comedy can make me laugh

Favorite books? I like fantasy and fiction, The Iliad, The Oddysey, the Divine Comedy, Peer Gynt, Lord of the Rings, works of Edgar Allan  Poe, Norse and Greek mythology, also grew up with Archie Comics : -)

Favorite TV shows? Northern Exposure, Wonder Years, Quantum Leap, Simpsons, Frasier, Southpark, HBO original series, Original Twilight Zone, MacGyver, Wrestling!, Cartoon Network, and those good old 80's kiddie shows and cartoons i grew up with :-)  Of course, we can't forget Star Trek: the Original Series, one of the best TV series of all time.

Favorite Quotes? 
"To thine own self be true.." - some smart fella
"All Glory is fleeting.." - wisdom of the Roman Empire
"...Anyone can be a hero, if you catch them at the right moment"- John from 'Accidental Hero'
"Still breathing? Now we gotta make the best of it, improvise, adapt to the environment, Darwin, shit happens, I Ching, whatever man, we gotta roll with it" - Vincent from 'Collateral'
"To Know and Practice, a productive deed for a noble "- Jeddah
"Its better to have 10 years of true Life experience than 1 year of experience multiplied by 10 years of living"- Me
"...it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!" -Rocky Balboa

Favorite Music? All sortsa music really- but off the top of my head: classical music, 80's music !!! (new wave, i love it!) , classic rock/metal, Trance, new age, Depeche M, neil diamonds, Metallica, U2, GnR, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, cool movie soundtracks ,> Pretty diverse huh? no im not a schizzo

hookay...so i'll wrap up with a little section i made called the " Faces of Borg". Basically i collated snapshots of yours truly from many different points in time. I sure changed looks a lot over 10-15 years time..well not really, its just mostly a shuffle between long/short hair and with/without facial hair : )

Starts here i guess, my University graduation pic (circa 1998). Make-up artist did a good job, since i had acne at the time.
Younger, Clean-cut days...

Starting my professional life = more hair (?)

From hangover Mexican ("Hey Esse!")*...to Navajo indian look...and back to normal.
                                    * I am not racist, because i do have hispanic blood (and Asian, and Malay..)

And here i am lately...

The Informative Part:
Ok, so you waded through another one of my personal posts...what new cool new info is there for you to learn? Well, I did this little collage in 20 minutes, want to know how?
In order to grab shots of myself throughout a long period of time and post them fast, i used 2 tools.
Picasa and Evernote, you can find more info about them here

Have a Nice Day!

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